Host an Excellent Party With Delicious Food

Work with a Dallas, TX catering company

A lot goes into planning a successful event. But one of the most important elements is the menu. If you need a full-service catering company in Dallas, TX, turn to Chef Kristen. We offer all types of special event catering, including corporate event catering and dinner party catering services. You can even enjoy an in-home cooking class with us to hone your skills.

Enjoy food from around the world

Food is a great way to connect with other cultures and experience traditions from around the world. That's why we specialize in global cuisine, including food from:

Italy | Spain | Korea | Greece | Morocco | Thailand | Puerto Rico

Do you want to learn more about our cuisine or event catering services? Reach out to our team right away.

5 reasons to choose catering by Chef Kristen

You don't have to look far to find a high-quality catering company. If you live in Dallas, TX, choose Chef Kristen because we:


Have over 20 years of experience


Work with local farmers to get fresh ingredients


Make everything from scratch, including dressings and stocks


Work with celebrity chefs and have been invited to be on Food Network shows


Have catered for Burberry, Versace, Carolina Herrera, Salvatore Ferragamo and more

We're also a local family owned and operated business. Call us today at 214-802-4333 to get a free consultation for our event catering services.

Chef Kristen's attention to detail in the food that she creates is amazing. She does the most amazing dinner deliveries in the Lakewood area, fresh and local. We have already had a Moroccan chicken and a Korean Hot Pot this week that have all been spectacular. The hot pot was loaded with fresh veggies to soak up that wonderful broth! I can't say enough great things!!

-Jason Walker

Had a wonderful private event for my mothers 65th catered by chef Kristen and she made the absolutely best food! Yummy paella, fabada stew and appetizers and desserts to die for!! Was a wonderful time and my mom throughly enjoyed it!

-M Dill

I like her a lot, food it's delicious. Wonderful presentation and service it's five star service.

-Cesar Park