Chef Kristen's attention to detail in the food that she creates is amazing. She does the most amazing dinners, fresh and local. We have already had a Moroccan chicken and a Korean Hot Pot this week that have all been spectacular. The hot pot was loaded with fresh veggies to soak up that wonderful broth! I can't say enough great things!!

Jason W

Had a wonderful private event for my mothers 65th catered by chef Kristen and she made the absolutely best food! Yummy paella, fabada stew and appetizers and desserts to die for!! Was a wonderful time and my mom throughly enjoyed it!

M Dill

I like her a lot, food it's delicious. Wonderful presentation and service it's five star service.

Cesar Park

Chef Kristen is simply impeccable. She has supported my events big and small and alway is meticulous.
Kristen cares about every little detail from the menu, the presentation and the overall experience. Kristen's staff is just as wonderful as she is, service is always stellar, cheerful and fun!

Jenny T

Chef Kristen's passion shines through in her food. Her creativity, knowledge, hands on service and cuisine is unmatched. 10/10 would recommend.

Jenna W

Chef Kristen is absolutely amazing! You are not just another customer to her. She genuinely cares about you, your event, and the over all experience. Not only does the food melt in your mouth, the presentation is stunning! I won't have anyone but Chef Kristen cater an event for me. The woman, the food, and the creativity are all more than you could ask for!

Ashley P

Chef Kristen is amazing in so many ways. She is not only a fabulous Chef that produces top notch food quality, but she's also flexible, has a great attitude, and truly wants her guests to be happy and enjoy themselves. I have hired her for a variety of events of all sizes and purposes, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. She is positive, interacts with her clients and guests on a personal level, and goes above and beyond in the interest of yielding a top quality event at a reasonable price every time.

Gretchen D